EXCAVATION Bulk Earthworks Detail Excavations Trenching Site Preparation Retaining Walls Asbestos Removal Asbestos is a hazardous material and should be taken seriously. Get a quote for the removal of asbestos from your structure today. Contact McInnes Demolition DEMOLITION Bonded and Friable Asbestos Removal Vegetation Management Site Cleans Bulk and Heavy Haulage Site Remediation Earthmoving / Civil Work In support of our demolition services, McInnes Demolition also offers:



McInnes Demolition is a wholly owned subsidiary company of McInnes Contracting

McInnes Demolition has a team of professional demolition personnel dedicated to getting the job done with maximum proficiency whilst adhering to the highest Industrial, Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance Standards. Our Workplace Health and Safety Management System is certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Standards.

McInnes Demolition is highly experienced in, commercial demolition, industrial demolition and residential demolition. With no job too big or small, McInnes Demolition services all of New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. In support of our demolition services, McInnes Demolition also offers:

  • Non-Friable (Bonded) and Friable Asbestos Removal
  • Emergency Makesafe – 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Vegetation Management
  • Plant Hire
  • Site Cleans
  • Site Remediation
  • Bulk and Heavy Haulage
  • Earthmoving / Civil Work

Prior to the structural demolition, the following tasks will be addressed — these include:

  • Asbestos removal (if necessary).
  • Securing relevant permits.
  • Disconnecting utilities and identification of remaining utilities.
  • Development of site-specific safety and work plans.
  • Notification of adjoining properties.
  • Secure site fencing

Once the tasks above are complete, structural demolition may take place. For an average sized residential dwelling this may take from one to three days, depending on construction type and the amount of asbestos present. Once complete the site will be left free of all debris, in a state ready for future construction.

McInnes Demolition will undertake the demolition works with minimal effect to the environment and surroundings. Dust and noise emissions are reduced during the demolition process with dust control measures and non-invasive processes used on most work sites. Complying with WorkCover NSW, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and WorkSafe ACT regulations as well as local council regulations is of upmost concern. With the use of our modern machinery, experienced project managers, site supervisors, and skilled labourers, McInnes Demolition ensures the process is carried out with high regard to safety and in accordance with the Australian Standard AS2601. We hold all of the necessary public liability insurance and required demolition and asbestos removal licenses.

McInnes Demolition has a strong emphasis on recycling as much waste as possible from the demolition works. We recycle concrete, metals, timber and green waste which in turn eliminates un-necessary landfill wastage. We also recover any building materials that can be reused either by the client for future projects or taken to our recycle yard for sale to the public.

Asbestos Removal

McInnes Demolition maintains a high level of safety on the worksite, removing the asbestos in a controlled manner to prevent the hazardous particles from being released into the air. Our Asbestos Removalists follow strict practices, WHS policies and government procedures to make your residence or workplace safe and asbestos free. We hold a friable asbestos removal license guaranteeing our industry experience and dedication to professionalism.

From the initial quotation through to final disposal, our qualified experts will ensure you don’t have any needs for concern throughout the process. We will look after all requirements including testing of material, establishing the work site, advising neighbours; physical removal of the asbestos; and disposal of the removed material and products to a licensed landfill. Once removal is completed, the site is checked by an independent hygienist and a clearance certificate issued.

If you suspect Asbestos is present or encounter Asbestos Material during renovations or construction works contact McInnes Demolition we can assess the material, collect samples for testing and remove the hazardous materials in a safe and efficient manner ensuring a rapid restoration of your working environment.
Asbestos was used in the Australian building industry between the 1940s and late 1980s . It is a natural fibrous material that was valued for its durability, fire resistance and insulating properties. In buildings, asbestos fibres are found either firmly or loosely bound in a number of products.

Firmly Bound Asbestos (Non-Friable Asbestos) is generally found in:

  • Corrugated sheeting
  • Roof shingles
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Flexible building boards
  • Imitation brick cladding

Loosely Bound Asbestos (Friable asbestos) may be found in:

  • “Limpet” fireproofing
  • Pipe “lagging”
  • Gaskets
  • Fire retardant materials
  • Sprayed-on insulation
  • Acoustic walls and ceilings
  • Damaged Non-Friable (Bonded) Asbestos can also be classified as Friable
  • If asbestos becomes disturbed while renovating it can be a health hazard.
  • Asbestos is difficult to see with the naked eye.
  • If you have any concerns, the safest thing to do is call the experts.

Asbestos is a hazardous material and should be taken seriously. Contact McInnes Demolition today to arrange a quote for the removal of asbestos from your structure today.

Asbestos Testing

McInnes Demolition offers an asbestos testing service that allows you to determine whether asbestos is present in any suspected materials such as vinyl floor coverings, fibro, eaves, and roof sheeting. This service is available to commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

Asbestos testing is essential before undertaking renovations to older properties, ensuring the safety of you, your family, your neighbours and tradespeople. During renovations asbestos fibres can unwittingly be disturbed and released into the air. Asbestos testing should also be undertaken before purchasing a new property. With testing you can determine if the property contains asbestos, and if so, take measures to have the asbestos removed.

One of our experienced personnel will attend the site and collect samples of the suspected materials and forward these to an NATA accredited laboratory for analysis. Once the results are received a certificate of analysis is given to the client for their records.

Plant Hire

McInnes Demolition has a full truck and excavator hire service to suit any project. All of our equipment is supplied with experienced, qualified machine operators. Our equipment and operators conform with WHS requirements such as hazard assessments, Safe Work Method Statements and maintenance logs, as well as any site specific requirements.

  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable equipment

  • Plant Hire
  • Recycling
  • Rock Breaking
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Site Cuts
  • Truck Hire
  • Earthmoving
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Driveways
  • Footings
  • Land Clearing

Building Materials

McInnes Demolition has established a recycle yard, offering used and recycled building materials for sale to the public.

Are you renovating, building, or landscaping? Come and visit our Recycle Yard, you could find that special piece to make your project unique or pick up a bargain.

With a large number of projects continually being undertaken by McInnes Demolition you’ll find a wide range of recycled and used building materials at our Recycle Yard.

Our Recycle Yard stocks a variety of:

  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Doors and Windows
  • Roofing Material
  • Cabinets and accessories
  • Tiles and pavers
  • Sandstone